Wake Up America! (Part III)

NFFHC is a part of W. Keith Zoroastrian Enterprises, an international media conglomerate. From time to time, NFFHC will reprint articles from our sister publications which the editorial staff have deemed of exceptionally high quality and particularly important or relevant to the modern world. What follows was originally published as a letter to the editor in the Greensburg Observer, a news and opinion journal located in Greensburg, Indiana. It is the third in a four part series of letters on the topic from American citizen and freelance man-of-letters Randy Miller.

America is on Trial America!

To the Editor and Readers of the Greensburg Observer,

I am at wits end tonight. I write this letter to the good readers of the Greensburg Observer on what is likely the last night of my trial. The jury is out, and come tomorrow morning I will likely hear my fate. As avid readers of my letters know, I am currently “on trial” for “practicing medicine without a license.” I use quotes because both the charge and the very notion that this is a real trial by a jury of my peers is ludicrous. The only person who has a right to put me on trial is our Lord God in Heaven, blessed be His name.

Oh, but I will not roll over! They would love to see that, wouldn’t they? To see me break. They think because I am a God-fearing man with the courage to live my life according to Biblical principles that I will just turn the other cheek? Heck no! As a great orator once said, “As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.” Amen brother. Fight I have and fight I shall!

And fight I must, because whatever the outcome, I will only sleep soundly if I know I never gave in. I didn’t play their little game, and, regardless of what happens tomorrow, they’ve lost. Really, this trial was about scoring political points for the powers that be. The outcome was a foregone conclusion. The real battle is the test of wills. Tomorrow, they’ll discover all they’ve accomplished is attempt to imprison an innocent man. My voice is as loud as it has ever been. They didn’t break me, and—just as importantly—the country has heard the Truth. I represented myself proudly in what is doubtless the trial of the decade for our humble county, and what history might prove to be the trial of the century for our (once) great country.

In the words of the great Republican emancipator Abraham Lincoln, “There is no grievance that is the fit object of redress by mob law.” These words are as true today as they were when written. And who is it but the mob who would cry for blood when a man has the audacity to exercise his constitutional freedoms? Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to direct the medical care of one’s children. Freedom to perform that medical care on one’s children. Freedom to purse happiness—to engage in a free market capitalist exchange to repair the knee of a neighbor without burdensome regulations and interference by government bureaucrats. It’s no wonder medical care is so expensive in this country. Where else was old Joe going to get orthopedic surgery done for $200 and a case of his famous winter home brew? Do you know how expensive orthopedic surgery can be?

They say these laws are for the public’s benefit, but who really benefits here besides the powers that be and the medical cartel? You think old Joe could afford this surgery otherwise? As a proud citizen he rejects all forms of socialism including Social Security, Medicare and public libraries. His sole source of income comes from the homemade zip guns he builds himself and sells door to door in our neighborhood. No entrepreneurial American like that can afford the outrageous rates “licensed doctors” are charging for surgeries without giving in to the system. Since Joe can’t pay their impossible rates in cash they expect him to pay with his independence and self respect—to become another little piglet suckling at the engorged teat of the state. No doubt after Mayor Travers and his goon squad are done with Joe he’ll break down and sign up for Medicare. But it’s okay. I forgive you Joe. Not everyone has the stomach for such a fight, and I know you’re already weak at the knees.

I wish, dear citizens, you could have seen this trial. Since I knew all the witnesses had already been bought by Comrade Travers and Police Commissar Stabler, I didn’t even bother cross examining the prosecution’s witnesses—including their so called “medical experts”—or calling any witnesses of my own. I sat in silence throughout the entire trial, staring down the witnesses and letting the jury know that I knew this whole thing was a farce. The only thing I did do was shake my head in disgust when Joe looked over at me.

The closing statement was where I knew I was going to make my last stand. I prepared the speech into the small hours of last night, with only coffee and my pocket copy of the Constitution to inspire me. Now, I’m not an arrogant man, but I must say it was one of the finest of the many speeches I have written. I reproduce it here, in part, for your enlightenment. From the original notes:

“Ladies and gentlemen of the so-called jury of my peers: I stand before you today in what doubtless you assume to be among my last free moments. I want you to know that I know your opinions have been bought.” At this moment the prosecution’s attorney objected, but the judge—perhaps feeling a little remorse or feeling secure in the knowledge that he had a guilty verdict—told that ‘persecutioner’ not to worry about it and to just let me continue.

I courageously cleared my throat and continued. “But I don’t hold this against you. I realize it can be a cruel, tough world out there and you have to do what you can for yourself and your family to survive. But let me appeal to your higher ideals for a moment. As the great American and rightful Nobel Peace Prize winner Ronald Reagan once said, “‘History teaches that war begins when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap.’ By finding me guilty, by selling your votes for a month’s rent or a couple car payments, you are indeed make aggression cheap. You are making tyranny an attractive proposition.”

“Fellow citizens, do you remember the first time you saw the Statue of Liberty? Her green stained copper face? That look in her eye telling the downtrodden of the world to come hither? That ever so slightly plunging neck line that tells you she may be Lady Liberty, but she is no lady? I take a pilgrimage to visit the statue every year. I pray to her for courage, for Truth and Justice, but most all I pray to her for Freedom.”

“The Founding Fathers—now important angels in Heaven—are no doubt watching this trial. They are watching you and you had better believe will be judging you. Judging you with righteous indignation at what you are doing to their beloved country. I ask you jurors, is that what you really want?”

“I will be praying to the Founding Fathers tonight. I will pray to George Washington for courage. To Ben Franklin for wisdom. To Alexander Hamilton for dueling prowess. Most of all, however, I will be praying to all of them for your souls. May their blessed hearts find in them mercy and forgiveness at the crimes committed in this court. Oh yes, this may be my criminal trial, but I submit that it is in fact you who are the criminals and you who are on trial.

“I consider myself a student of all schools of medicine, and even I’ll admit that removing an appendix is best done through Western-style surgery. But the healing process can be greatly enhanced through faith-based procedures. So my theory is this: perhaps faith can heal other organs? You see, I have faith in you dear jurors. Faith that your hearts will heal and you will see Truth, Justice and the error of your ways.

“Let me end by once again quoting the Great Emancipator, “Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate in the least particular, the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others.”

God Bless,

Randy Miller


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