What is NFFHC?

Many amazing people consider Not Fit for Human Consumption the world’s finest online magazine. It’s a journal of ideas, chock full of advice, news, opinion, short fiction and, above all, the Truth. All our contributors are the most expert experts in their fields—like 50% more expert  than the leading experts. No, more than that. Like expert to the power of expert. They know what they’re talking about and haven’t been wrong in at least 10 years. If they’re ever wrong, we fire ‘em. Simple as that.

W. Keith Zoroastrian

Our founder/owner circa 2004


W. Keith Zoroastrian, Acclaimed Polymath, Poet Laureate, Founder/Owner, Persona Emeritus

Jeremy Cumberdale, JD, MD, PhD, MBA, Concealed Carry Certified, Editor-in-Chief

Jon Chinaski, JD, LLM, Senior Law and Politics Editor

Nguyen van Faulk, JD, Junior Law and Politics Editor

Mary Stewart Baxter, PhD, Women’s Issues Editor, Woman

C.A. McClintock, GED, Solid Advice Advisor

John Williams, MDiv, ThD, Religion and Spirituality Editor

Franklin Washington, MD, PhD, Science and Health Editor


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